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The unique spark, a spark that can change your entire life forever. The spark could be just there for an instant and it might never appear again.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Been posted to GOMBAK/SYCoy for about a month.

Initially, life was tough, emotionally tough... it was all against my will. However, my section mates have helped me to adapt to my present environment wonderfully. Day 1 was abit awkward... but Day 2 onwards... I was feelin so part of the section already. Heard about rumors that lao jiao (experienced) like to "qie" those sin jiao (rookie). But now I can confidently... state that those rumors are unfounded and are just basically rumors. Well at least my section did not gave me that kind of feelin.

As for now, I'm on a shift schedule. Mount, dismount, training, standby! A four days rotational shift... all the way until I ORD. I'm surely gonna miss alot of events, public hoildays and even gatherings. Haiz... but "Bo Bian". There's nothing I can do!

One thing, I hated very much was the comparison between RPs and MPs. Why the comparisons? Each of us have our own tasks and chores. Just do what we are supposed to do and that's it.

Another 92 mounts to go!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Our performance

The pics above were found on the net... Credits to those who have taken them.

NDP 2006 SPDS Row Charlie~ Da best row!
Before performance
After performance

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Moments before performance...
Gettin ready...
Me and Sammuel (My best bud in SAFPU)
Me and "Giam Sir" a.k.a Jun Kiat
The mood before performance... Very relax lol

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy 41st National Day to one and all!

It had been sometime since I last blogged. Been kinda lazy and tired. Partially due to the commitment to NDP 2006. Hardly had any spare time left.

My batch had been chosen to perform for the very last time in the National Stadium for this year NDP SPDS performance.

Training started back 3 months or 4 months back. Initially, the training days were only scheduled on Thursday and Saturday. Then, eventually it became Tuesday, Wenesday, Thursday and Saturday. For weekdays, it was from 3pm to 11pm and for Saturday, a combined rehearsal from 3pm till 9 pm. However, for Saturday most of the time was spent waiting for our cue run.

This performance was of highly significance to us. After the performance, my batch would be slpitted up. Some will be posted to Gombak (including me), some to Zone, some to Istana Platoon, and the rest will stay in the Cermeonial Platoon. This was the last time that we will be performing together as a batch. And we do not want to leave APC with regrets!

Friday, June 30, 2006

I just wanna wish my buddies HAPPY 21 guyz! You have successfully joined the bandwagon of twenty-ones!
Chao 17th, Han 24th, Mao 26th.

It's been damn long since I last blogged. Been damn busy with the National Day Parade 2006 and Singapore Armed Forces Day Parade 2006 rehearsals.

It so damn fuckin shag~! And in-between them, Guard of Honour mounting at both MINDEF and Istana. Sometimes, I really wonder if it's a good thing to pass my OD(Orientation Drill). Those people who never pass their OD gets to SIB(sleep in bunk) while those of us who pass have to book in the previous night and fall in early in the morning. Where is the fairness? As one of my platoon mate always say, "No choice, we are only man~" Always said in a very matter of fact style...

This month of June was the most hectic period in the whole year of APC. Rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals. It's like we are in camp 7 days a week!!!

1st of July... this comin Saturday is the SAF Day Parade 2006. Hope that we will not screw up man. Any minor faults is deep shit for us. Why? Coz we are "Provost". Supposedly, to be the best in drills and ceremonies. We'll see on this Saturday~

But the most shocking news of the month... I'm posted to MINDEF. WTF?!?! I passed my OD, learnt my SPDS all for nothing. Nothing! I felt as if my service is not needed in APC anymore. I guess the reason on why they actually kicked me out of APC... was my rotation... I tried so hard to improve on it... but juz couldn't make the grade. Well, who can I blame? Me... and only me myself. Haiz~ No more prestidge... no more No.1... no more pride~

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

LCP!!! Another $20!!!